Re: [] The FLUG machine

From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen (
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 14:34:23 CEST

>>>>> "Michele" == Michele Andreoli <> writes:

Michele> Ahia, my friends! The FLUG machine is a:

Michele> "486 dx2 66Mhz con 8Mb di ram" ( .. oohh Linux! )

Not really the ideal configuration for a webserver expecting high

Michele> I hope Bart will set up readly the mirror on,
Michele> or at FLUG will broke out a revolt.

You must decide whether you want to use SunSITE as a main project host
or mirror. If you only want to use it as a mirror, you will have to
send a new mail to about this, as the rules for
accepting mirrors are not the same as for accepting projects. It is
much easier to get accepted as a project.

As I have mentioned to you I tried using wget -m to mirror it but I
got a lot of "?D=a" files..


caffeine low .... brain halted

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