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From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen (
Date: Sat May 01 1999 - 11:46:13 CEST

>>>>> "Michele" == Michele Andreoli <> writes:

Michele> On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 09:30:13PM +0000, Karl-Heinz Zimmer
Michele> wrote:
>> Michele, from Hamburg the access to FLUG server goes without any
>> problems, so now please take a decision:
>> - shall we ask Esben to mirror that site ?

Michele> Yes. We have to test the stuff performance.

As I have posted, the performance is BAD seen from here. Using our
34Mbit connection at SunSITE I was only able to pull ~3KB/s.

This sounds like a poorly connected site (modem ?) which practically
useless as a web/ftp site expecting anything more than local access.

>> I am glad, that you have been able to find a nice web place in
>> your region, but nevertheless: at my humble opinion it really could
>> be better to act as if Aalborg were the true homepage: when you
>> announce on the USENET that there's a new homepage for muLinux and
>> it can be found at Aalborg all the people will look there first.

Michele> If Aalborg set up a mirror (at the any night, for example) no
Michele> problems, I believe. In my announce, I might reference
Michele> SunSITE as first contact site (comp.os.linux.announce) and
Michele> FLUG in it.comp.linux.annunci.

At SunSITE we have two different categories of services. Project
hosting and mirroring. We would love to host muLinux as a project,
but I am not sure that the answer will be the same for an application
for a mirror of muLinux.

>> I think, when it comes to REAL traffic Aalborg will provide a
>> better performance than Firenze, right ?

Michele> Oh yes: a 486 dx2 cannot be overloaded too much, I believe.
Michele> Anycase, FLUG plan to upgrade to some PENTIUM.

I don't even think it is the old computer that is setting the limits
now. A website needs a good internet connection. Even a 128kbit/s
ISDN is a poor connection. Upgrading the FLUG machine does nothing
unless a better connection is acquired.


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