RE: [flug] [OT musica italiana] Impressioni di 'Prime Pagine' ?

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 08:34:51 CEST

Am 03.05.1999, 19:32:51, schrieb Christian Surchi:

> Leggere il tuo italiano e' davvero una risata. :)))
> Ma stai usando un vocabolario del duecento? ;)

It's called 'Langenscheids Grosswoerterbuch Italienisch', did cost the
sum of circa DM 250,- and is the largest italian dictionary that was
published in Germany until today.

Unhappily, it seems to me that even this large dictionary it is not
large enough. The best would be to stay in Italia for some month and
improve my knowledge of your language, but unfortunately i have not
the TIME to do so. :-(

Ok, i will continue in (not very much better) english.

> Vedo che nel subject e' specificato OT, ma non capisco cosa c'entri
> questo con la lista del flug e quella di mulinux. :o

Very simple reasons:
1. these two lists are the only italian ones i have subscribed.
2. since Gen Verde comes from somewhere near Firenze
   (if if remember properly) i thought it might be a
   good idea to ask on FLUG mailing-list.

Since Gen Verde hired the 'Congress Center Hamburg' for that event,
which is by far our greatest center for performances like that, i
thought that everybody must know this band in Italia and so i thought
it's not very important, /where/ to ask because the chance to get
appropriate answers were very high.



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