[mu setup] Different UMSDOS root path

From: Kochenburger Andreas (Andreas.Kochenburger@khe.siemens.de)
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 08:15:36 CEST

After cloning mulinux it runs OK so far on a DOS formatted drive
in the directory H:\LINUX (seen from DOS). But I had to move
a previous directory of the same name elsewhere which is very
unconvenient for me. Thus I tried to put mulinux into the directory
H:\MULINUX but it does not work anymore and the kernel stops with
   "unable to open an initial console"
I browsed the files and found that /linux or linux/ appears in many
programs and scripts. Hence my question: Is mulinux bound to
be started in a \LINUX subdirectory? I think it would be better to have
more freedom here since mulinux should be flexible to work as
admin and troubleshooting tool in as many configurations as possible,
and if the target machine has a \LINUX directory already there is a

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