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From: Graham, John (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 19:31:41 CEST

after that do I copy vmlinux to the boot folder or is there another command
I need to execute

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Graham, John schrieb:
> I know this is a little off the topic, please forgive me. The people on
> list are very knowledgeable, so I thought I'd solicit there help . I'm
> trying to upgrade my kernel (2.0.36) to 2.2.7 and when I do make zImage I
> get an error at the end saying the system was too big try using bzimage or
> modules. I'm not quite sure what this means, it's not covered in my
> linux book.
> Thanks again
> Please ignore this if it's inappropriate for this mailing list

Oh it means what it says, try: "make bzImage" instead "make zImage"
Typically this happens if the kernel image 500KB exceeds. Don't ask me
why, I just do it that way. :-)

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