[mu OT] Fwd: [News from BugTraq] Anonymizing unix

From: sime1brt (sime1brt@topvideo.net)
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 19:54:00 CEST

        This may be useful for all "SysAdm" in the list... :D

>>Hi folks,
>>this is not hacking/exploit/security related but more about privacy ...
>>At http://r3wt.base.org you can find our newest release, an article about
>>how to anonymize a unix server to prevent analyzing login/logout times and
>>access to personal data of the users.
>>It was voted "must read paper of the month" by Packet Storm btw ;-)
>> van Hauser / THC - [The Hacker's Choice]

>[...] ho perso il gusto di fare paragoni con "MS Win*":
>come sparare sulla croce rossa... [...]

Come sparare al camion della nettezza urbana, vuoi dire.
                                                (Michele Andreoli)

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