Re: Error: ID W3 ...after login

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Sat May 08 1999 - 17:54:56 CEST

At 01:51 PM 5/8/99 +0200, Andrea Manzini wrote:
>While I was fishing, Michele Andreoli wrote:
>> Without "localhost networking", WWW don't work.
>why don't enable dummy network by default, starting from next release ?
>In the kernel guide (the help in configuration) it's always recommended ;)
>In setup, you can always ask "do you want to REMOVE localhost networking ?"
>What do you think ?

It depends on the goal of mulinux. It is OK for a big distribution like

But it costs some memory. I like mulinux to take care of small machines.
What about putting local networking before the server stuff in setup -f -a
and displaying a help message like: You need dummy networking for WWW and ...

Johannes Niess

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