[mu ANNUNCE] VNC for muLinux!

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 22:10:22 CEST

I'm very pleased to inform you that a preliminary addon (VNC addon)
supporting VNC for muLinux is incoming (VNC release number 3.3.1).

Some info for people which don't know about VNC.

VNC stands for "Virtual Network Computing"
                URL: http://www.orl.co.uk/

(an Olivetti & Oracle project)

>From ORL web page:

VNC consists of two types of component. A server, which generates a
display, and a viewer, which actually draws the display on your screen.
There are two important features of VNC:

 The server and the viewer may be on different machines and on different
architectures. We expect the most common use to be the display of a Unix
X desktop on a PC, for example. The protocol which connects the server
and viewer is simple, open, and platform- independent.

Some more "rustic" explanations:


The VNC-server can surrogate the XF86 XWindow server. This means: no X11
floppy required. But VNCserver can start a normal X applications,
windows manager, etc. For this reason, I suppose X11 loaded in RAM,
otherwise we cannot run anything!

Startin the VNC-server on my muLinux machine, I was able to see
XWindow on my NT/Win98 PC, "a latere". A little problem: when you
open a xterm in this way, keyboard is mapped in a very insane way
for my taste (US standard, maybe?) [no solution allowed]

But, anyway, the MOUSE work :)

The originals startup script for VNC was in PERL: I rewrote them in ASH,
in a full *plain* rustic style. They work well:

                # vnc start
                # vnc stop
                # vnc host:display { start the client}

The server can connect simultaneusly to more remote client, using
display 0, 1, etc.

The VNC-viewer (the client) is a SVGALIB client. Translation: it can
run without a local running X. With this client, you can see (on a muLinux
console!) the full windows system of another PC, connected in a network
and running an VNC-server.
I tested that, using a VNC-server for WIN98 e for WinNT: I was been able
to open nice NT applications (closing them quickly :) ).

Now: all this stuff (SVGA libraries, Xvnc: the Linux server,
svncviewer: the Linux client) fill
only 800K/1722K and I plan to add some DOS/Windows client
(i.e. a .exe black box), if I can find a small one.

But i'm not sure about that: better solution is tell the user about
the URL where it can find the client which want.

What happens if you want to connect to VNC muLinux server without
a vnc client? Don't worry: you can see the muLinux XWindow in your
Netscape, pointing to 5800 tcp port!!


Oh, my friends, this is a very impressive thing: XWindows running in
a JAVA applet. Ohhh ...


What about the good new?
Michele (a male name)

Mi sarebbe piaciuto concludere con un'affermazione positiva, ma
non me ne vengono in mente. Vanno bene due negative?
						-- Woody Allen

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