RE: mu [SETUP] mulinux 5r7 serialbugs

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Sat May 15 1999 - 18:50:54 CEST

>From: Dave Houghton
>Sent: 15 May 1999 11:30
>To: ''
>Subject: RE: mu [SETUP] mulinux 5r7 serialbugs
>If you have a look at my muLinux mirror site at >
>you will find mulinux-5r7B.tgz which has the above forced "setup -f port" writen into "setup ppp"
>(one line NO extra /setup/fun() needed). Some other minor fixes included to setup as well .
>What happened to mu? it's got so many bugs in I almost had to get the exterminator's in !!
>Seriously though, lot's of changes later and it all works o.k. I can now unpack, re-build, and distribute
>with no problems.
>All the changes are documented at the above URL.
>I haven't had this much fun since the days of 8 bit Z80 based cpm hacking/programming!
>As I'm like 5r7- temporarily homeless with no access to big Linux's and super computers, muLinux
>is the answer to my prayers, running on my old battered 386 notebook!
>Hope you find the fixes usefull.
>Bye for now
>*****=== Linux Is like a Penguin ------ it can't fly so it never crashes! ===*****

Sorry everyone I have just checked my mulinux-5r7B.tgz on my web site and it looks as if
I have rebuilt it with the wrong setup scripts in it !!
Do not waste your download time because it just doesn't work.
I'm working 14 hour night shifts to get a 300 terminal Windows NT based network up and
running to a strict deadline and I just do not have the time to put the right version on my web site.
It's strange what lack of sleep does to your thinking.

Watch this space and I'll let you all know when the right version is in place.

Remember it needs Windoze to crash your system but takes a tired network manager to totally screw it up!


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