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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 14:34:03 CEST

On Sun, May 16, 1999 at 11:07:22AM +0200, Karlheinz Koerber wrote:
> Hello, this is the first time for me writing to a mailing list, so
> please have patience with me.
> I heard about muLinux and remembered my old 386SX / 16 MHz with only 8
> MB RAM. The download of muLinux-5r7.tgz and creation of a start-disk was
> done in a few minutes. When starting muLinux everything seems to be
> okay. After reporting the data of the installed harddisk "hda: Conner
> Peripherals 240 MB ..." I see a line "hde: probing with STATUS instead
> of ALTSTATUS" and nothing is going on.

hde? Your primary hard-disk (hda) was recognized, but hde refer to some
secondary/slave IDE peripheral. A cdrom? No, I believe: your machine is
a old one.

A full Linux newsgroup needed :)

Maybe a LILO boot prompt options will work:


>From BootPrompt HOWTO:
 In some machines it may be necessary to prevent device drivers from
  checking for devices (auto-probing) in a specific region. This may be
  because of poorly designed hardware that causes the boot to freeze
  (such as some ethercards), hardware that is mistakenly identified,
  hardware whose state is changed by an earlier probe, or merely
  hardware you don't want the kernel to initialize.

  The reserve boot-time argument addresses this problem by specifying an
  I/O port region that shouldn't be probed. That region is reserved in
  the kernel's port registration table as if a device has already been
  found in that region (with the name reserved). Note that this
  mechanism shouldn't be necessary on most machines. Only when there is
  a problem or special case would it be necessary to use this.

Can you, KarlHeinz, using msd (Microsoft Diagnostic) check what iobase
suit your hardware?

> Sorry, I don't write in English every day.

A german boy who don't speak english, oh god :)
There is another KarlHeinz who want to interface with KHK?


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