Re: mulinux netiquette (was: Boot Problem)

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 21:10:59 CEST

Am 18.05.1999, 21:00:06, schrieb Bernhard Reiter:
> I looked for a way to give my feedback on my mulinux tries.
> The webpage indicates that this mailinglist is the right place.
> Maybe I should have mailed Michele directly, but I didn't find
> clues about that.

> I am not going to appologise,

That's exactly what i expected! :-(

You are posting to a mailinglist but you are not willing not
participate on it.

This is just the same gag as posting to a USENET group and begging for
being cc'ed.

The reason is allways the same: you want help but are not willing to
contribute to the comunity and share your own experience to others by
reading the mails when THEY need help.

Just go on that way...


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