Re: mulinux source code

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 15:01:31 CEST

Kochenburger Andreas schrieb:
> Briefly spoken:
> Where is it?

There are some in mulinux-XrX.tgz/sources and the rest is mulinux
itself. Because most of it is scripting, this is the source!

And that is a compliment to Michele: very very excellent scripts, i like
that kind of writing. I only prefer Adam Douglas but this is another

So, that's enough honey. (Wow, that german clear cut, sounds very
ambiguous in english. I hope i do not violate somebody.)

> What about GPL license. Is mulinux a toy or can one rely on its future?

Don't Panic? What a question. MULINUX IS A LOVE!
(At least a hobbyhorse)

> Should I switch over to PicoBSD?

You can divorce, as a lot of loves do, but please, do not sue for it.

Sounds interesting, pico is a ppm of micro. Does it fit into a
Flash-BIOS? I would like to proselytize the mainboards.

> Andreas

Gerhard (a prospective linux priest? who knows.)

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