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From: Marcello Valenti (vrxpv@tin.it)
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 03:18:15 CEST

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> hi Karl I'm afraid all that I wrote is not for you is for (I forgot the
> name)
> I just say one time my english is not good and I have to specify that the
> subget of the my message is "the guy"not you.When I wrote I know it is
> possible to "misunderstand"(my vocabolary say this word)what I say but I
> haven't another way to say that I'm not against U.This is the result:one
> "egoist"enter it
> and one innocent feel "contraddict".
> best wish I like U vrxpv@tin.it
ops I'm Marcello Valenti I forgot that the last I use vrxpv.....my mail

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