[mu ANNOUNCE] ssh for muLinux (next release)

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 23:58:41 CEST

I'm testing ssh (Secure Shell) client for muLinux (120k!)

Some info to people who don't know ssh

ssh work as an rlogin/rsh replacement. With ssh we can open
a (secure) remote session and also to send command to remote side.

copy filesystem on a LAN

A command as "scp" (secure copy) can be easy emulated using the
secure channel created by ssh.

An idea is to use tar+ssh on both side:

        # tar -cf- /etc | ssh -C hostname 'tar -xf-'

With this command, the directory /etc will be tarred and sent, via
the secure channel, to "hostname". -C mean: compress the channel.
On the remote host, ssh execute the "tar -xf-" (uncompress stdin)
and recreate the directory on the destination side

X11 forwarding

A nice feature: when you ssh in a xterm window, you can start
a remote X application, running on a remote host with X.
You may see the app window on you desktop, without bothering you
with DISPLAY and xhost.

Secure TCP port forwarding

Using ssh, we can forward a request to a local port (for example,
the web, port 80) to another port in a remote host and the data
flows on a secure compressed channel.

It's also possibile do the reverse: forward remote port to local,
but I cannot imagine an utilization yet.

Ok, ok: most of this tricks can be exploited with "netcat", but the good
news is the word ... "secure" :)


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