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Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 12:29:54 CEST

On Sun, May 23, 1999 at 11:13:01PM -0400, Brett G. Castleberry wrote:
> Greetings!
> Here are a couple of questions for the FAQ:

A FAQ is a nice idea, but wrote all in english is more expensive for me.
In I send you a row english translation, can You check syntax & spelling?
Anycase, muLinux FAQ start here!

> 1. How can I format my floppies to hold 1722k in order to make the MuLinux
> and X11 disks? Answer: You don't have to preformat your floppies. When
> you run install.bat, Mulinux will automatically format them for you.

Good. I wrote in INSTALL.Dos that:

This command runs an instance of Linux: you'll be asked to enter the
path for the mulinux image files and to enter some 3.5" high-density
disks. This is'nt an "installation" in normal sense: this process only
create the variuos muLinux floppies. Boot muLinux and issue "clone"
at the prompt, if you wish a permanent HD installation.

The solely task required by the dos user is to digit i-n-s-t-a-l-l-.bat;
but you are right: some user, time ago, ask me about this strange
1722K floppy! How we can buy them? :))

> 2. Can I clone MuLinux to my hard drive if I have a FAT32 file system?
> Answer: No, MuLinux can only be cloned to a FAT16 formatted hard drive.
> (This is correct, is it not?)

It not correct: I cloned recently muLinux in a c:\linux directory of
a WIN98 installation and work: win98 is fat32, no?

> 3. How do I add a new user in MuLinux? Answer: You cannot, MuLinux has
> only one user. In MuLinux you are always working as root. (Correct, no?)

Correct: muLinux is'nt multi-user; it is multi-pc!

> As long as I'm here, I'm about to partition my hard drive for a full
> installation of Linux. This fancy tool, Partition Magic, will let me make a
> FAT16 partition too, so I thought I would make a little house for MuLinux.
> Can anyone recommend an optimum size, including swap, for a cloned MuLinux
> system?

Actually (in clear) muLinux is 15M: I think 20M are better. You plan to
create a specific partition "Linux swap"? of you plan to swap in a file?

Remember: you can clone muLinux also in a true EXT2 partition, i.e. no DOS
required, no fat etc.

You can create two partition (one for swap, 10-20M, and one for muLinux
20-30M) then, using muLinux fdisk, you can mark the swap partition as
"Linux swap" (see help in fdisk).
When you clone, you can referenze the EXT2 partition for cloning.
Anyway, you DOS need for boot with loadlin.exe, or a floppy with DOS


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