[mu TECH] lynx, Go won't Go

From: Gerhard Thimm (gthimm@zbw.ch)
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 16:37:09 CEST

I have problems with lynx.

Help does not work. After pressing '?' for help, "Alert!: Unable to
access..." appears.
A workaround is editing the /etc/lynx.cfg file. After replacing
HELPFILE:file://local... with HELPFILE:http://local... the helppage
appears, but is very difficult to read :-) (One verylong autowrapped

But what I miss more. The Go-Key also daos not work. After pressing 'G'
or 'g' for Go (to enter an URL) a help info means, I should try '?' for
help or browse with the arrow-keys.

Any ideas to change this behavior?


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