justlinux DynDNS

From: Angoli Giovanni (GAngoli@crema.unimi.it)
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 11:19:32 CEST

Hi mulinuxers ;)

Maybe some of you already know about justlinux dynamic dns service (if not
go to http://www.justlinux.com) in a few words they offer to bind a name
(for ex. mu.penguinpowered.com) to your dinamically assigned IP address.

I've dowlnoaded the dyndns client, but it was written in Perl.. looking at
the code it seemed quite easy to translate it in a shell script (unsing
netcat) it just send some data over the socket opened to the dyndns server.

As soon as possible i'll do some other experiment ;)

Is anyone interested in this?


Giovanni - Juzam

ps: i've got some trouble downloading files with lynx providev with
mulinux6r0... i say download file the download starts and when it end lynx
tell me : Alert!unable to access the document.. do i have to manually
retrieve the files via nc? thanks :)

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