Re: 286 (not important to read)

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 12:01:42 CEST

> Jesper Krogh schrieb:
> What are actually the the lowest system demands to run the X-window
> system on ??

X needs a lot of resources. You would like to run it with "nothing".
(actually a (swiss-)kid would say a 286 is NOTHING, if you give him/her
a 286 as a gift.)

A few years ago, I tried just for fun to start SunOS on a IPC with only
4MB. SunOS is a kind of UNIX and an IPC compares perhaps to a 486/25MHz.
The IPC needs 15Min to boot an 10Min to start X. I could work slowly in
a xterm. I was really deeply impressed, that the IPC not crashed.

Now I use mulinux/X/VNC on a 486/33MHz/8MB and think it is slow, but it

What can you do with a 286. There are X-Server demos for Win3.1
available, I never saw one for DOS. I tried this X-Server on a 486 and
it works nice. Perhaps it works on a 286 too, I don't know, but perhaps
you would like to try. If it runs, let me know.

Unfortunately I dont know where you find that X-Server. The name was Actually I saw, but never tried, a server named
"xwp16-42.exe2" on <>,
please look into the INDEX-file for the exact position.

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