Re: Problems with 6r1C and /dev/psaux

From: Jack N. Gallemore (
Date: Sat Jun 19 1999 - 19:14:24 CEST

Michele Andreoli wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 18, 1999 at 11:27:08PM -0400, Brett G. Castleberry wrote:
> > I don't have the answer, but I have the same problem on my Dell Optiplex
> > 450/DL (486DX2). muLinux can't see my PS/2 mouse, so I had to settle for
> > command line muLinux :^( .
> >
> I cannot reproduce this error: on my laptop, with ps2 mouse, all work
> fine. misc/misc.o and misc/psaux.o are on EXT or X11 addons.
> Only serial mice are supported with only BASE floppt mounted.
> That's what happens when my laptop boot:
> - Do you want EXT?
> yes
> - Do you want X11?
> no
> - Do you want port setup?
> yes, selected /dev/psaux as mouse device; the
> system answer with PS/2 protocol: OK, go.
> Now Setup load misc/lp (lp1 polling) { OK,, parallel port}
> Loading module: misc/serial { OK, serial port}
> Loading module: misc/misc
> { ops! this module is'nt found. Setup ask me for
> base floppy -- a redundancy, sorry :) -- but
> misc/psaux is loaded }
> PS/2 auxiliary pointing device detected -- driver installed

I too, get the error that misc/misc isn't found, but I then get the error that
psaux.o isn't found.

> -- Setting up gpm: ask_the_user
> yes, Setup remember my mouse tipe and respond with
> Mouse protocol is: PS/2
> .. etc, etc ..
> -------
> Ok, putting mouse's modules on first floppy is a theretical error:
> there is'nt no apps which uses the mouse on base floppy.

Except for gpm.

> Maybe the error is a centralized "port" setup: mouse, modem and printer.
> This choice is a primordial one, when "port setup" was related only
> to lp and PPP.

I realize that the original scope of the work is targeted towards more advanced
users, but as a teaching tool, many people are still turned off by CLI. I
actually enjoying wowwing my boss with a fully functional Web, Mail, etc.
server and still run afterstep smoothly, all on 3 disks. <g> Since the mouse
is so ever-present, I think that putting all the port modules on the first disk
might be a good move.

> Because of the big hole created recently on base floppy, I can
> move "gpm" setup on first floppy, allowing mouse cut&past in console
> terminals.

Sure. I don't use gpm that much, since I lean more towards some of the basics
such as cron, sendmail (I know, I's there), adduser, shadow password,
ssh, pptp, etc.

> Boys! Do you want a "cron" UNIX daemon on the first floppy?

That would be fantastic! There's a lot that goes on with cron.

> Michele (quello dell'altra volta)
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> remember any. Would two negative ones do? -- Woody Allen
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