Re: Problems with 6r1C and /dev/psaux

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 02:19:49 CEST

"Jack N. Gallemore" wrote:

> OK kiddos! Here's the scoop. Use the X11 in the /old directory. Apparently
> the one in the /addons directory has some kind of error. I'm using the 5r7
> boot, and the X11 and GCC under the /old directory and the PS/2 mouse was
> detected. X11 comes up fine just as it was advertised <G>!
> Jack

Quite correct !! Versions up to and including 6r2 MUST use X11 from the /old
directory. Version 6r3 onwards MUST use the /addons directory X11. The problem as
far as I can see is that after 5r7 the setup scripts were rewrote to accommodate
the changes brought about by the addition of the Ext addon and the moving around
of various bits and pieces within muLinux.
Version 6r0 to 6r3 are a bit of a grey area as despite Michele's valient effort
various teething problems (it seems too hard faced to call them bugs!) crept in.
Even as late as 6r3 I had to manually edit the X11 config file to get X started
although no one else seems to have had this problem.
So 5r7 and the old X11 is stable and 6r4 and the new X11 works straight "out of
the box".
GCC is constant for all versions.

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