Re: using perl in muLinux

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 00:29:59 CEST

On Sun, Jun 27, 1999 at 05:29:33PM -0700, Göran Wallén wrote:
> 3) There are three libs 5 missing in muLinux to run perl:
> is also in X11 (and perhaps in EXT)

> (You can find them in most lib 5 or try with ftpsearch)
> (If you get a later version of the lib you must do a link
> in /lib e.g ln -s )
> 4) make a symbolic link in /usr/bin from perl5.003 till perl
> (ln -s perl5.003 perl) otherwise you must write perl5.003
> all the time.

perl5.0003 is about 455096 byte, but can be used also without
any perl library, but you are right: libdb and libdl are required
(about 50-60k).

If is useful, I can build a tgz in MISC section with
perl and libs.


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