RE: mulinux-6r4.tgz un-tar problem?

From: Edgerton, Paul A (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 19:12:50 CEST

Jeremy wrote:
New installs of win98 will almost certainly be on fat32. Some systems which
upgraded from win95 will be on fat32, others on fat16. It's a crapshoot,

It's not quite as uncertain as that. FAT32 is the default format for new
partitions over 2 gigs, from Win95c (OSR2) on. Under that limit, the default
is FAT16.

Win98 *can* upgrade a FAT16 partition to FAT32, but there are some good
reasons for leaving partitions at 2 gig and formatting as FAT16, i.e. FAT32
isn't readable under NT, and the FAT16 filesystem is somewhat faster than
FAT32 (!). The same reasoning that leads many Unix users to mount separate
filesystems for root, usr, home, etc. applies to windows partitions as well,
so the 2 gig limit isn't all that bad, unless you really need a big
partition -- audio/video editing comes to mind -- in which case RAID would
probably be a better choice.

The good news is that umsdos -- and muLinux -- work just fine in either
flavor, treating both as type VFAT.

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