[mu tech] The CLONING process on NT machines and others

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (khz@stardivision.de)
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 08:41:49 CEST

Am 01.07.1999, 19:16:33, schrieb Paul:

> Is MuLinux can be cloned on a NT machine?

The cloning process does the following:

- Take everything on all mounted partitions and copy it
  to the destination partition (that previously must have
  been created by fdisk or whatever tool your prefer)

Since the normal way is to start with that fast RAM partitions, make a
swap and a normal EXT2 partition on your harddisk and *then* start
'clone' it's obvious that the clone command will work on every machine
regardless of the filesystem of the other partitions.

Remember: a NT machine is the same as a OS/2 or a DOS machine since
the only difference is that on one or some partitions of the harddisk
there is NT instead of another operating system.

In any case it should be possible to start 'clone' to transfer the
muLinux partitions from RAM to harddisk.

The only problem that *might* occur it that you might use a very
special SCSI adater within that NT machine and that muLinux might(?)
not be able to access the harddisk's partitions anyway but this has
nothing to do with the fact that it's a NT machine.


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