Re: [mulinux OT] mulinux-6r4.tgz un-tar problem?

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 17:28:53 CEST

Laudwein Andreas CE wrote:

> nope, I didn't get a warning, Netscape opened the file into the browser
> window (strange characters)

o.k. in Netscape go to:-
scroll to unix tape archives and select edit. Make sure file extension tgz is
specified and select save to disk. When you left click on a .tgz file to
download you will now always be given a "save to" box and binary download.

> Sorry you're wrong again, the problem was indeed that Netscape corrupted
> the tar archive, IE was able to detect it as a binary file, and downloaded
> it "as is"

mmm I thought I might be!! you are quite right there given your first

> I wonder what my IE would have done, if it has recognized that there was
> Linux inside this archive, but I'm pretty sure M$ will fix this bug in the
> future ;-)

IE doesn't care what it is in an archive as with a binary download straight to
disk the file is never opened but recreated byte by byte.

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