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Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 22:43:14 CEST

On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 09:57:27AM -0500, wrote:
> I would think that for a server, 2.0.36 (or 2.0.37) would be
> a better choice--it's far more proven, remarkably stable, and
> quite secure...

But I love the 2.2.* sound and cdrom support, and love kmod :)

> So MuLinux would branch into Mu386 (the user version w/programs)
> and MuServer (the server version)?

The actual mu (with low-mem and 386 support) suffer from
structural overload. Assuming 8-16Mega, we can do bigger ramdisks,
recursive "setup", etc. Assuming as starting point a system size of
3 floppies, many of the current limitation disappears.

I'm currently working on a commercial system and in three 1.44 floppy I was
been able to put: multi-user, Apache 1.1, Quota, Smail, Samba 1.9.18p8, nfsd,
wu-ftpd, telnetd, rlogind, PCMCIA, sound, isapnp, telnet, lynx2.6, etc.
all managed by the "setup" script, the kernel 2.2.5 and ALL the modules.

Because I can assume more RAM, all the addons are loaded during the
boot process without frills.

I was shocked when I saw all those amazements working on my laptop, mon ami!
What will happens if I may assume 1.72 floppy ?!

When I connect to this system from an NT machine and browse the
network with the standard NT tools, I can see my Linux folder and printer,
under my complete control. When I click on the folder "ring", my
laptop emits little sound, and when I click on the folder "mail", the
laptop send me an email; when I click on the folder "winpopup", the
laptop send me a winpopup message!

Samba is great, believe me! I spent the day studing Samba ...

Now, I'm working on that for commercial use, but all I learn about
Samba etc. will appears in some future muLinux release, I hope.


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