Re: [mu SETUP]

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1999 - 16:40:10 CEST

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 03:17:47AM -0400, wrote:
> I have some problem with eth module.
> I work with mulinux-6r3.
> I have configurated eth module with fix address (no dhcp),
> saved with setup -s myconf, but every time I boot and
> choose myconf, the eth module is started with dhcp.

Strange. Check if in /setup/cnf/eth.cnf you can see "METHOD=2".

> Another question:
> I want to boot mulinux form a CD without diskette and without
> hard disk. Do you think it is possible? Is it to work with
> mulinux with readonly file system and ram disks.

This is not tested. Anycase, it not works in actual implementation,
because the "cdrom" module isn't in the kernel, but is a module.
Linux can boot from a media only if the media driver is in the kernel,
I think. So, you have to recompile your custom kernel, for that.


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