Re: Internationalization

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 01:15:54 CEST

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 08:13:35PM +0200, Franz-Albert VAN DEN BUSSCHE wrote:

> Can I suggest some ideas to internatonalize muLinux.
> Regards

If your intention is to translate only the "info" pages (the green pages
which appairs during setup process) this is easy to perform.

Any in /setup/fun has an own info() function. You can add
a simple diversion of this kind:

        LANG=`cat /etc/language.conf`
        eval info_$LANG

then, add info_en(), info_it(), info_fr(), etc. in the same file.

But if you want to translate all the intermediate question coming
from, for example, the PPP or ETH setup, more work needed :(


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