Re: X11 and EXT disks.

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 01:00:25 CEST

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 06:01:05PM +0200, Mauro Andrea Cremonini wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Is it normal that you cannot
> mount /dev/fd0u1722 /floppy
> neither the X11 nor the EXT disks, whereas one can mount the BOOT+USR+ROOT
> disk?
> thank you very much!

It is normal. When you mount the B+R+U floppy you, really, do mount only
the first segment of the floppy: the BOOT segment, about 600K.

This segment is an EXT2 filesystem and is the only not compressed
segment. In this part, live the kernel, the keymap archive, some modules,
 and the saved profiles.
Yes, the keymap are here for ... historical reasons:
in the first version of muLinux, this segment was DOS formatted. My
intention was to allow to DOS users to add some customization directly
putting the sfuff in the floppy.

The ROOT part is gzipped, because Linux kernel can't uncompress other
kind of archives, and USR part is bziped, because this is uncompress
directly my muLinux startup scripts. All that are IMAGES, i.e. a *one*
file representation of a filesystem.

If you, for example, uncompress the file ROOT.gz, you can mount it
directly, using "loop" feature of "mount" command:

                # gzip -d ROOT.gz
                # mount -o loop ROOT /mnt

If you, now, go in /mnt and do your own modification, you can
build a your own ROOT.gz

                # ... do something in /mnt ....
                # umount /mng
                # gzip ROOT

The addons are different (and more common) things: they aren't IMAGES,
but an ensemble of files like the usuals archive you can download from
Internet (the tgz). If tgz mean tar+gzip, they are tbz=tar+bzip2.

Time ago, X11 was a X11.tbz, not X11.tgz: my mailbox was full of
messages about browsers, which refuse to download this files, but
explode them in the browser window.

They can't be mounted; they can be uncompressed:

                # cd /tmp
                # cat /dev/fd0H1722 | bzip2 -d | tar -xf -

or created:

                # tar -xf - /tmp | bzip2 > /dev/fd0H1722


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