From: Chris Gottbrath (chrisg@agave.as.arizona.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 12 1999 - 23:11:33 CEST

Dear muLinux mailing list,

Just for the heck of it and to learn more about the internals of linux
I am trying to get my ancient laptop (an old Midwest Micro Elite 486/33MHz
20M RAM 200M /dev/hda) up and running at least some subset of

I am really frankly quite amazed at the ease with which I was able to
use muLinux to get an X session running on the machine. I was
expecting it to be an ordeal of herculean proportions, but all I
had to do was download two disks and type mu -i. :^)

So now that I have marveled over the wonders of a 640x480 monochrome
x session that can barely keep up with my typing rate I am ready to
embark on the next stage.. Trying to get the system to boot
without the floppies.

I am not sure if I want to do this with mulinux or with something like
slackware. If anyone has any experience using a ramdisk implementation
of mulinux to put a full implementation onto a hard disk I would appreciate
hearing how it was done.

But that really isn't my main question, since i think that using slackware is
the better way to get the main core of linux onto a system. However I am
facinated by the X distribution that you have. Is the X system completely
home rolled or can I find more information out about making a compact
X distribution from some other source? If it is an original thing, how
did you do it? Standard X installations are behemoth, but other than
leaving out all of the alternate X servers how can you cut down on space.
I am thinking in terms of things like fonts and such. What is the
minimal set of X fonts that are needed?

Anyway, thanks for all your help and Kudos to M. Andreoli for putting
this all together! I'm quite impressed.


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