[mu SETUP] Hi & inst question

From: Alfred Breull (puma@hannover.sgh-net.de)
Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 08:31:05 CEST

I'm Alf Breull, 53, living in Hannover, Germany.

Though not new in life :) I'm completely new to linux not to speak of
µlinux - so:

Running install.bat on my 486 (SX33 or DX33 - the slower of both) with
12 MB Ram, dos 6.20, 4dos.com, I didn't succeed to create both µlinux
disks. My notebook (IBM 340 CSE, c: and a:, ext zip drive and ext cd)

insert ... and press 'enter'
superformatting ...
double-sided, 82 tracks, 21 sec/track. total capacity 1722KB
formatting ...
ioctl[FDFMTBEG]: no such device

insert ... and press 'enter'

I tried all 10 disks with the same result.

I'm grateful for any help.
If the question has been answered before, please, point me into the
correct direction.



Alfred Breull

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