[mu inst] my lin floppy

From: Alfred Breull (puma@hannover.sgh-net.de)
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 23:31:24 CEST

You remember ? My 6 y old Thinkpad (486, 33sx, no co-pro, 12 MB RAM), said
during the floppy installation process:

# insert ... and press 'enter'
# superformatting ...
# double-sided, 82 tracks, 21 sec/track. total capacity 1722KB
# formatting ...
# ioctl[FDFMTBEG]: no such device
 ------------------< here it mounted fd0 for ~1/2 sec, but discontinued :((
and then:
# insert ... and press 'enter'

Evidently it's a Thinkpad specific problem, which is valid for several
different linux installations also, unfortunately.

Today, I received an email from Tom Oehser <tom@toms.net> from 'tomsrtbt',
which indicates a possible solution. He indicated that IBM's notebooks
are known for foibles and suggested:

<<< Try editing the line in the install.bat file from:

        loadlin zimage initrd=initrd.img
        loadlin zimage initrd=initrd.img floppy=thinkpad

Because linux has special "floppy=thinkpad" parameters.

It worked fine, superformatted, and I'm able to use his linux now.

But, also, I'd like to use µlinux although I do *not* find any corresponding

Does anyone know how (and where) to set which options that loadlin
continues ?

While it was no problem to install µlinux on the hd of my notebook (cipher 2),
I'm still truelly looking for installing µlinux on a floppy, i.e. I'd like to
use it on my office computer ... yes -with a book by my side to learning a
little more about this fine system.



Alfred Breull

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