... And PCMCIA?

From: Roberto Del Bianco (delbia@dada.it)
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 07:04:50 CEST

Hello, guys...!
I've just subscribed this list, having installed the latest Mulinux into my
Toshiba "Libretto 50", a particular sub-sub-notebook :-) which has no floppy
inside but one PCMCIA slot for external floppy drivers and other devices.
Mulinux packages were downloaded from the Net, and the installation was done
into umsdos filesystem.
My question is now: can I install also PCMCIA tools, in order to use at least
my PCMCIA modem...? Otherwise Internet connections will be always done on
it's original Windows 95 operating system, and Mulinux will remain only a
nice toy...

Is already somewhere a PCMCIA tool for Mulinux? Or: Can I use the standard
PCMCIA for Linux? But kernel should it be recompiled with PCMCIA options
enabled? I'd like some answers on this: Linux (and also Mulinux...) is too
interesting and ... important for me, and I'd like having it installed also
into this new (aehm, acquired as second-hand...) "Libretto"!!

Best regards.
Roberto Del Bianco in Sesto Fiorentino, Italia.
E-mail: delbia@dada.it, delbia@interpuntonet.it

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