Re: [mu tech] Saving/Cloning to disk

From: Ripcrd6 (
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 18:01:30 CEST

That explains it. I'll have to redo the clone anyway as I had to wipe the
drive due to windows problem. I've found that the best way to install
windows is to just copy the .cab files from a working CD to a hard drive.
This proved most difficult on the 486 testbed that I used yesterday. It
only allowed 2 IDE drives. I had to copy from CD to the harddrive, then
shutdown and install the 2nd HD where the CD was and copy to it. What a
pain. Today I get to reinstall the HD where it belongs and wait as
Win/Lose 95 installs. Then I can put little Mu back where he belongs.
Next time I'll probably have some networking questions or something.

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>On Wed, Sep 15, 1999 at 05:05:26PM -0500, Ripcrd6 wrote:
>> I ran the clone command, but I don't see the "linux.bat" file anywhere
>> the DOS filesystem. I also don't see it on the blank floppy I
>> I believe I told it to put the file on the floppy. Also, how do I save
>> the info like my PPP connect info, username and all that. I didn't see
>> command at the menu. I do get a profile name when I boot that shows
>> last profile in brackets as the default choice, but it doesn't load that
>> profile.
>linux.bat is in c:\linux. Please, do not install the loader in a floppy,
>as "clone" want (do not works, a bug)
>If your DOS is /dev/hda1, answer /dev/hda1 to all request.
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