Re: [mu SETUP] Ethernet card

From: Renato (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 15:21:45 CEST

Thank you winsor. I tried this too and it doesn't work either.
Michele sent me a module. I didn't have time to try it yet.
I hope next week I'll have some news about this.


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On 30/09/99 at 21:37 winsor wrote:

>I've found from experience that when using several different eth cards,
>That merely not using an io or IRQ gets them detected correctly
>particularly when using PCI cards.
>>From your statement pretaining to "io symbol not found" when using the
>ne2k-pci module I'd say that it well might be worth a try, as I had
>Exactly the same message when using the ne2k-pci module with the linksys
>pci cards as long as I tried to specify an io address.....made the new
>value blank and it started working....hope this helps:)
>Good luck
>Renato wrote:
>> Hello, muLinux friends,
>> I have a Realtek RT 8139 PCI card that I can't make muLinux recognize by civilized means.
>> Using setup progam, muLinux says it can't find any card in that i/o adress if I specify a generic ne card.
>> When I enter ne2k-pci, it answers that symbol 'io' is not found (?)
>> Is there any alternate way of configuring my card by direct editing a .conf file somewhere?
>> Renato Guimaraes
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