EXT add-on and ssh

From: mark david mcCreary (mdm@internet-tools.com)
Date: Sat Oct 02 1999 - 23:26:03 CEST

Greeting from Texas where I have been exploring mu-linux, and found it very

I am interested in copying the contents of a working machine on the net, to
a new fresh machine. That is, I want to clone a running Linux box onto
another machine.

I am not sure how other system administrators accomplish this, but I
thought mu-linux with ssh would work. Or more specifically scp -prAqC
might do the trick. Since I could boot up with a floppy, and partition and
mount the hard disk(s) to copy the other machine to.

So far I can get mu-linux to bring up the machine on the net, however the
EXT addon will not load. It apparently gives me an error message, but it
scrolls by too fast to read, and I cannot find any log showing the bootup

I have created the EXT diskette by fdformat /dev/fd0H1440, and dd
if=EXT.tgz of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k. How should I be creating it ?

I am reading the documentation to say that once you have configured the
bootup process one time, you can re-create the mu-linux diskette by mu -r.
However, mu is not found, so I could also use a pointer on this aspect.

Thanks much for help.


mark david mcCreary
Internet Tools, Inc. 1436 West Gray #438
mdm@internet-tools.com Houston, Texas 77019
http://www.internet-tools.com 713.627.9600

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