Re: NEWBIE: floppy too small ?

From: Shawn D Williamson (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 18:25:22 CET


Well, if you Really want to do it all on the laptop, you could use
PKzip to split the mulinix archive onto two floppies, then unzip them
to the hard drive of your laptop.
Example: PKzip -e0 -& A:\mulinux mulinux-6r4b.tgz - that will create
it on two floppies.
Then on the laptop: Pkunzip a:\mulinux - It will read both floppies
and unzip it onto the harddrive. (You need PKzip/unzip on both laptop
and desktop to do all this.)


Why not just leave it on your desktop and create the Mulinux boot
floppy from there? (Follow the "installing from DOS" directions.
Then you can boot up the laptop with the floppy and CLONE it onto
the laptop.


> OK,
> this is probably a totally newbie question but I didn't see it covered: I
> have an ancient (4 years old :-) laptop that i like to revive using muLinux,
> but I don't have an ethernet connection, I only have the floppy ... How do I
> get mulinux-6r4bg.tgz (1800769 bytes, as downloaded from the website) on the
> harddisk of my laptop? Or is really enough? I basically tried
> Windows copy, but it complains about the floppy (freshly and fully
> DOS-formatted to 1.44 Mbyte).
> Many thanks for any pointers,
> Philip

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