Re: saving profile glitch

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 23:38:47 CET

> When I look at the profile, the broadcast address is saved wrong. I
> entered

Checked. You are right, but the BROADCAST parameters is never used
in muLinux network script!

> In additon, the name server definition in /etc/resolv.conf does not get set
> correctly.

The mechanism of saving/restoring this files works with many malfuntions.

All this problem are generated by the delayed nature of DHCP setup:
some task is demanded to /usr/bin/ethconfig. ethconfig work fine only
when called the first time. Better thing is to remove /etc/eth.conf first
to do a new "setup eth".

Managing this parameter with a script when a DHCP response is involved
is a problem. also write this file, asyncronously ...

I can see also this bug: resolv.conf is saved by [ store() function ]
but never restored :( This means: your direct changes to this file are
ineffective, as far Setup environment is concerned.

You guess it: restoring is a big problem if I can't know when/if an user
touched the file with own hands.


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