Re: [mu TECH] Mulinux installation on 386 with 4M

Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 14:37:58 CET


I ran into the same problem, so I ran it on a faster machine (486-66 with 16MB
RAM). Once it booted up and was running I ussed the CLONE command to install it
on my C: drive. Then I used PKZIP to zip all the files onto several DOS disks
(about 8) and unzipped them on the 386 machine in the c:\Linux directory. I then
ran the Linux.bat file in the Linux directory and voila! everything worked
including the X window system (VERY slow though)

Hope this helps you.

Derek Chaplin
Kanata, Ontario

ALCARAZ PELEGRINA <> on 11/03/99 04:43:59 AM

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