Re: mu[OT]Note for teacher

Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 03:58:08 CET

On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 07:08:23PM -0600, Dave Houghton wrote:
> Dear Mr. Andreoli,
> Please excuse Dave's continued absence from the
> muLinux mailing list. On the 21/08/99 he was involved in a road traffic
> accident while riding his motorbike to work.

As another motorcycle rider and mulinux user (is there some
connection there? or are Dave & I the only ones?), I'd
like to express my sincerest sympathies. I'm glad
that Dave walked away from it, even if it did take him
several weeks to get healed enough to walk away. The important
thing is that he's walking again.

And of course, even after the head injury, I expect he'll still
be quite a bit sharper than at least one of the recipients of this
list (that would be me).

I'm sure I'm not alone when I wish Dave a quick and complete

Jeremy Anderson

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