comment about 'growing' mulinux

From: Christoph Belitz (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 20:41:56 CET

Hello all,

since I'm reading the mulinux-maillist I'm wondering why you are so
discouraged to include a newer kernel into mulinux. Linux developes and
goes on, and what is the sense of using a old-fashioned kernel in this
fast-developing century? And of course, using older versions of for
example the firewall is very unsafety...

I really understand the problem of keeping the littleness of mulinux.
But in my opion the problem with the need of more RAM can be solved

Use a swapfile and you can run almost every program!

But I also have a problem with creating a swap-file on my harddisk,
'cause my scsi-disk isn't reachable.
And it is unreachable,
because I'm not able to use a scsi-kernel-module,
and I can't use the EXT-Pack, which includes the scsi-support, because I
don't have enough RAM, ...

So please include kernel-support for all disk-systems, that the
user is able to continue with a swap-file.

Bye and many greetings from
-- Arachne V1.50;s.r.c., NON-COMMERCIAL copy,

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