[mu PROGRESS] muLinux v7.0

From: Michele Andreoli (quisque@tin.it)
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 00:47:31 CET

Hello mulinux-users!

after a *long* period, a new release of muLinux is incoming -- i'm
testing, now. All this new feature will become active only if
EXT disk is mounted, be aware.

That's the news:

multi-user support

Added a true "login" binary. Now, authentication is possible.
Without EXT, login run in usual way. /etc/login remains a wrapper
script and it call, if there is any, /usr/local/bin/login.

Warning: most of muLinux script requires high privilege, therefore
will not works properly for normal user :-(

PCMCIA support

Yes, isn't a joke: PCMCIA works now, with 2.0.36 kernel. I added
all PCMCIA modules, card-manager release 2.0.3 (very recent).

Tested with:

        IBM Thinkpad 570 (a rent machine), 3c589D eth card
        ACER Extensa 502T (that's mine), NE2000 compatible eth card

Porting of pcmcia scripts succeded in ash.

A new network setup

"setup eth" and "setup net" are now groupped in a "setup network".
/usr/bin/ethconfig is now /usr/bin/netconfig, etc.

This setup allow to select "pcmcia" or "eth_card" as primary interface,
and "manual" of "dhcp" for network values.

        stop networking with

                # setup network stop

I plan to add a "stop()" function to all relevant services, adding

                # setup -a shutdown stop

in /etc/rc.6

Traditional Internet Services

Added the inetd super-daemon, the true telnetd daemon and the
Washington University FTP server.
Rustic daemons remains active without EXT.

Now, using disk #1 and #2, we have an UnderNet (or InfraNet?) server
mostly complete closed in the size 1/10 of IE-Explorer :-)

No,no : Apache Server there isn't.


"I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't remember any.
 Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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