Re: [mu PROGRESS] muLinux v7.0

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 15:37:18 CET

On Fri, Nov 05, 1999 at 10:08:47AM +0000, Philip Lijnzaad nicely wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Nov 1999 23:47:31 +0000,
> "Michele" == Michele Andreoli <> writes:
> Michele> multi-user support
> Michele> PCMCIA support
> Michele> Traditional Internet Services
> This is most welcome! Incidentally, just this morning I noticed that
> Slackware made a version leap to 7.0 ... talk about synchronicity :-)
> Philip

I'm now testing the new stuff. The anonymous FTP server work well,
with a chroot in /home/ftp.

More users, in the past, noticed malfunctions in actual release, but
forgot a lot.

I added also a nice feature, via a little /bin/timeout C program:
when muLinux boot the user has a way to stop autoboot process, in
5 seconds.

If autoboot is stopped, the system load only the USR segment and
open a shell, without further delay. I call this "maintenance mode",
but is the full muLinux without any sort of configuration.
No other scripts are called in this phase: only a /etc/rc.maint

For Franz-Albert (VAN DEN BUSSCHE): please, be patient!


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