Re: Swap Partition

From: winsor (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 06:08:41 CET

With swapspace it seems the more the merrier.
X11 is a memory eater.....even under mu.
and yes it will speed up your system a bit.
I use a swap space/files/partitions.....on all my systems.
from old clunker 386 sx16's with 4 megs to PII servers with 384 megs.
swap space??? uh........windoze uses em too 8^P except they call
it "virtual memory" and if you choose to with windoze you can allow the
O/S itself to dynamically resize it's virtual memory, at the small cost
of further system speed degradation

BTW it seems there was a reference to a certain "Michele Andreoli".
in the book "RedHat Linux 6 unleashed"......I'll try to find it again
and report on the page number*grin*

good luck
winsor wrote:
> If I create a swap partition for mu, will it increase the speed
> of my system to a degree that I will notice. I currently have
> 20MB of ram but it seems to take a while to load X11. Will a
> swap partition make the system run a bit faster? And what size
> should I have? I plan only to have the base and X11. Maybe GCC
> later.
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