re:mu[bugs] 7r0

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 02:21:38 CET


here are a couple of bugs/ suggestions for you:-

/bin/isapnp does not work (yes I have replaced your isapnp configuration
file with my own generated by pnpdump). Replacing /bin/isapnp with
version 1.18 solves this problem as it has done for the past 6 months on
my setup. Can I suggest that you also re-arrange the setup order so that
setup isapnp comes before setup ports after switching to init 5. This
way any internal uart isapnp modems are initialised before the serial
port paramaters are setup.

There is a problem with the telnet daemon. When it is started by init 5
it fails to install properly with init giving the message " INIT: Id
"T1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes ".
The old 6r4 telnetd worked o.k. but i have not had chance to compare it
against the new one.

Send queued mail in ppp-on and sendmail do not work with the rustic
symlinked grep > gateway. They both require the full binary version of
grep. Replaceing grep solves one problem but...

arrgh bare LF in rna sendmail. I'm sure my smtp mail server won't be
the only one to not accept mail with bare line feeds or bare [.]
terminated data. This needs sorting as outgoing mail just doesn't
get accepted by the quickly increasing number of smtp servers complying
with 822bis section 2.3, which specifically prohibits all bare LFs. You
probably already know but the end of lines in the [DATA] section of the
email must terminate in CR LF and the [DATA] section terminated with CR
With that fixed on my own computer my mail now gets delivered o.k.

Just a few little problems, nothing major, but I am now about to dump
Windoze + Netscape completely as 7r0 is now just about perfect !


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