Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux v7.0 is out

Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 20:04:14 CET

On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 03:10:55PM +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> I tryed Mandrake 6.1 and it seems more impressive, from a superficial
> point of view: installation is very easy, the KDE desktop is amazing,
> but something goes wrong in the ... inner side.

I've been playing with turbolinux and redhat. Is mandrake nicer
than those? I've come to hate redhat--their holy war for the use
of RPM is bugging me (I hate RPM--I have no rational reasons for
this, I just do), and I'd like to find a different distro to move

While mulinux is lots of fun for my play boxes, I need something
more robust for my workstation :)

> Anycase, I show my laptop Mandrake when I interface with other Windows
> users: look more, more familiar :-)



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