wd8103 NIC problems

From: jeremy@visi.com
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 04:26:35 CET

Well, michele, about 6 months ago, I posted to this list
saying that I was having problems with a wd8013 NIC. It didn't
want to start off the bat.

I've learned tonight that the problem was never mulinux, but rather
the NIC. It pased on this day, moving to calmer LANs in teh sky. It no longer transmits anything at all.... mulinux was my priamry diagnostic tool--when the install of turbolinux wouldn't run it, I thought what better way to get a second opinion than to use mulinux?

From now on, I carry a couple of mulinux floppies in my tool kit. It's simply too useful to be without :)

Thanks for such a cool project!


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