Re: [mu SETUP] Hard drive disapears

From: Daniel Brooks (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 21:52:13 CET

At 11/18/99 10:16:00 AM, you wrote:
>>I have run into a minor problem which I do not understand. After
>> using muLinux for any length of time, wether booting from the floppy or from a cloned
>> system on my hard drive, my 2 hard drives are no longer recognized! My only solution
>> is to turn the machine off and start with a cold boot, no form of warm boot helps
>> (reset or three finger salute). This never happened with earlier versions.
>Very strange. Kernel is unchanged and a such problem can't be related to
>system's scripts, etc. In new releases 7.x I've added some material, but
>no structural modification.

 I think it is something with the machine itself, they like to tease us now and then. ; ) The
last few reboots worked fine.

Daniel Brooks

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