From: Robert Heezeman (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 00:59:23 CET

Sorry for 3 messages yesterday, I am new at this..

I am still having problems with CLONE "loop filesystem" for V7r1b

df shows that I have plenty of free HDD (< 45% used) after clone completes
(but not properly)

perhaps it is my procedure that is wrong ?

I installed UMSDOS from DOS using the INSTALL and included EXT addon and
then re-booted mulinux and ran clone with option 3 selecting this time 20 MB
and directing everything to /dev/hda1.

The clone process continues until "mulinux.img" is complete and the reports
"No space left o n device" for the rest of the copy process.

Perhaps you have a procedure for this and the build process that would make
it easier for us that are just starting off with Linux.

Thank you


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