Re: [mu BUG] LOOP cloning do not works

From: Arno Wilhelm (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 13:05:18 CET


When I see your arguments below I know that your are right, and I guess you
have a lot more experience with this stuff then I will ever have. I just
think of a "mulinux" system, that can be put in any CdDrive of an older
computer and serve as MP3 player, audio ripper, fax server etc. The point
is, that once configured properly, no unexperienced user can change the
settings very easily and this would be a great advantage e.g. in a firm,
where many different people will use it. Another advantage of the cdrom is,
that the there would be a lot of space for graphical stuff (X-Server etc.)
That would make it easier for unexperienced users to handle the programm,
because for them it is to difficult to deal with mulinux as it is now. Now
it is more for people that are interested in computers, and have fun
configuring and experimenting with them.

>structure will definivitely broken, because floppy disk limit is very
>strict, believe me.

>A cdrom-muLinux is another project, different from floppy-muLinux. We have
>to deal with a read-only-media and something in the structure must to be
>changed. How to store profiles? In [optional] floppy disk?

>A CDROM is an enormous work space and many of muLinux trick simply will
>meaning in this new scenario.

>A such project is a too much ambitious project for a single mantainer.

Yes, I wonder how you can do this work at all? I would never find the time
to even answer all the mail!

>What I can resonably plan is to add "mkisofs" and "cdrecord" in muLinux
>and to attempt some "cdclone" super script.

I am looking forward ....:-}



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