Reinstalling Mulinux!

From: Vieira Netto (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 04:10:15 CET

Hello World of Mulinux.

As you release new versions of MuLinux I try instantly to reinstall.

How? I put all together in a new /temp directory, dostools, mulinux-7rx,
ext, x, gcc. Unzip dostools. Then I run install. I do nothing with old
/linux dir.

Install.bat does pretty good, I think.
Instalation procedure says old Instalation already exist, del (Y N)
I answer Y.
It asks for reboot, ok.

Next time linux.bat is executed I┤m expecting to answer those many
questions about full configuration, but instead of it runs the old
profile LOCKED in last installation.

Is it correct?

Ciao from Brazil!

Um abrašo,

Linux User #100.600

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